Happy Hooves, Yuk! by Anna Bogie & Rebecca Elliot


The Happy Hooves gang are back! In this brilliant, third instalment of the series about our favourite farmyard animals.

Happy Hooves, Yuk! follows the pals as they each get invited to Pig’s house who has cooked up some interesting (and often fairly disgusting) culinary delights!

How did I get the book? Received from publisher in exchange for an honest review

Genre: Picture Book

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Review: The third instalment of the Happy Hooves is as visually stunning as the previous books. While I don’t have a young audience to test these books out on I do know from work colleagues with children, who’ve repeatedly informed me that when their child finds a book they love it needs to be read over and over  again. Given all the little details in the artwork (for example; count the frogs in the border) there is a lot in the art to keep you occupied. And it’s really colourful, which I think is lovely.

In this story Pig has decided to surprise his friends with a wonderful feast of home-cooked treats. Only he doesn’t understand why worms and snails aren’t to everyone’s taste. At least they all agree on chocolate cake.

Happy Hooves, Yuk! is colourful, entertaining and maybe a tad stomach churning to read. 😉

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