A Most Magical Girl by Karen Foxlee

30898992Magical machines, wizards, witches, mysterious underworlds, a race against time – and two most magical girls.

Annabel Grey has been brought up to be a very proper Victorian young lady. But being ‘proper’ isn’t always easy – especially when you can sometimes see marvellous (as well as terrifying) things in puddles. But parlour tricks such as these are nothing compared to the world that Annabel is about to enter…

After the rather sudden departure of her mother, Annabel is sent to live with her aunts. They claim to be Shoreditch witches, and from a very old family line of them too. They’re keen to introduce Annabel to their world of transformation, potions and flying broomsticks (which seem to have strong personalities of their own) but are horrified when Annabel announces not only does she not know any magic, young ladies shouldn’t believe in such things. But before Annabel has time to decide whether she does or not, she is swept into an urgent quest.

The trees of Highgate have been whispering to Kitty – an extraordinary urchin of a girl, who Annabel’s aunts seem very fond of – and so have the fairies. They talk of a terrible, dark magic that wants to devour all of London. And of a most magical girl who might be able to stop it…

This sparkling and enchanting story is sure to bewitch you, so curl up in front of the fire, and prepare to be swept away…

How did I get the book? Received from publisher in exchange for an honest review

Genre: Fantasy

Review: Magic, a dragon, add a quest to “Under London” for a magic wand. All of this makes wonderful ingredients for ‘a most magical tale’. Mostly. Everything I’ve just listed were the things I enjoyed about A Most Magical Girl, but I struggled connected with the main character, Annabel.

Much of the book felt like the adventure was a thing that was happening to Annabel, not something she was participating it. Almost like she was standing aside watching herself but not connecting with them, consequently as the reader I felt myself being just as disconnected.

It’s the world within A Most Magical Girl that I enjoyed. Under London, the dragon, etc. The characters in comparison felt a little flat, like Mr Angel (who was just bad) and even Kitty who had mystery but didn’t stay much with me once I finished the book.

A Most Magical Girl offers up this great world and if you do find a connection with the characters I think you’d like this.

Recommend it?


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