The White Tower by Cathryn Constable


When Livy’s accepted at Temple College, a school for the very brightest, no one is more surprised than her, though she has always felt different.

Recently, Livy’s been drawn to the roof, where, among its towering stone angels, she has the strangest desire to fly. But her behaviour is noticed by others, for whom the ability to defy gravity is a possible reality …one that they’ll stop at nothing to use for their own ends. 


How did I get the book? Received from publisher in exchange for an honest review

Genre: Contemporary, Fantasy

Previously reviewed: The Wolf Princess 

Review: Character-wise Catheryn Constable’s second book, The White Tower, had me captivated. I really liked Livy. I mean, I really liked her. For me to enjoy books I don’t need to love the characters if the story can stand on its own but if you, as reader, have that connection with a character it makes the whole book more enjoyable. Something about Livy just clicked.

Cathryn Contstable’s writing is enticing; the school, Sentinel’s and Livy’s nightly adventures all picture clear as I read the words.

The White Tower is part fantasy, maybe a dash of science fiction all wrapped in a contemporary story about friendship, grief and family. The contemporary side of the story was the reason I connected so much with Livy and though I did enjoy the mystery of school it wasn’t what kept me returning to turn the next page. That was Livy herself.

Recommend it?


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