Top Tips for managing that TBR-pile…

So how’s your TBR pile?


Less than 10 books? More? Many more? Like a little mountain? Or a big mountain?


2017 is the year that Luna’s Little Library turns 5 year’s old and if there is one thing that I’ve learned is that the TBR-pile never gets smaller.


You just find different ways of managing it. Like splitting it into smaller piles or filling books away so they aren’t technically on the TBR pile. I call it “creative re-arranging”. My library is full of this. Consequently I can’t actually tell you how big my TBR is. Just that’s its pretty massive.

Ok, I do have some more useful advice then “re-arranging”.

Last year Cora from TeaPartyPrincess and myself ran a workshop at #YAShot about the ‘managing your reading’ and below are some top tips.




Luna’s Top Tips for Managing your TBR Pile:

Trust your feelings – The most important thing is:

Alternate – I think switching genre’s helps. YA to MG for example or choosing something light hearted after an emotional read. Graphic Novels are also a great way to switch things up.

Organise your books – It’s a lot of work in the beginning but so worth it in the long run because you know where everything is. Pick the organisational system that works for you!
(Sidenote: this is not the same as the “rearranging” I mentioned at the beginning. I have my books split into UK, international, MG, YA. Then sections like; fantasy, contemporary, plus a diverse bookcase. It really does help me…)

Plan ahead – Your mood for reading might be unpredictable but it’s still helpful to try and narrow your book selection down for the stories you plan to review ahead of time. I try and do it about a month ahead, which gives me enough time if something goes wrong.

Lists are your friend – so are spreadsheets, random bits of paper, sticky notes and note pads. Crossing something of your to-do list is rather satisfying

Make time to read – this sounds a bit strange but one of the nicest things is reading when you know there are no time constraints. You won’t be interrupted by other commitments or having to leave. Making this treasure capsule happen normally takes prep but it’s so worth it.

Don’t pressure yourself – books are wonderful. They aren’t supposed to stress you out (unless the characters are taking you on an emotional rollercoaster) so don’t set yourself unrealistic targets.

Cora’s Top Tips for Managing your TBR Pile:

Put it down – Sometimes a book is just not going to work for you and if you stick at it you’ll just end up wanting to put it down or “accidentally” dropping it in the bath. It’s OK to put a book down if you don’t like it.

Two at a time – Although it’s not something everyone can do, reading two different books at the same time means that you can chop and change with your mood. I usually go a little overboard and have anywhere upwards of four books, but I also have a very short attention span.

Reading challenges – Whether it’s the annual challenge on Goodreads or your own small challenge, setting yourself a goal can help keep you on track. I do it so often now that I usually don’t even realise.

Read-a-thons and buddy reads – The best part about these is that you have people to talk to as you read, to give you that extra encouragement when you’re lagging behind, to pit yourself against if you’re very competitive.

Take a book – I always have a book in my bag. Sometimes two, usually my kindle as well, but always having a book means you can always make little moments for reading and you can read in some pretty cool places.

Read – It seems like a silly one, but read. Instead of binge-watching that new series on Netflix, binge-read a book. Instead of getting lost on YouTube, get lost in a book. Instead of talking about books online, pick up a book and read it.



What about you,
any advice you’d like to share for managing that TBR pile?


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3 thoughts on “Top Tips for managing that TBR-pile…

  1. Great post! I totally agree that sometimes you just have to trust your feelings and not read a book that you’re not in the mood for. I also find Readathons and challenges really helpful in getting through a few books quite quickly, but I’ve learned to accept the fact that my TBR will never be at zero! 😛

  2. I started a spreadsheet this year for my books and oh my goodness has it been helpful! However now I have a pile of books to be filed and added to my filing system… I think I’ve found a flaw.

  3. I’m definitely with you on organising your TBR shelves into genres etc. That definitely helps me. I’m also a HUGE culler. Every single month I discard books from my TBR shelves that I no longer feel excited to read. Yep, every 4 weeks. Works for me!

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