Night Shift by Debi Gliori


With stunning black and white illustration and deceptively simple text, author and illustrator Debi Gliori examines how depression affects one’s whole outlook upon life, and shows that there can be an escape – it may not be easy to find, but it is there. Drawn from Debi’s own experiences and with a moving testimony at the end of the book explaining how depression has affected her and how she continues to cope, Debi hopes that by sharing her own experience she can help others who suffer from depression, and to find that subtle shift that will show the way out.

“I have used dragons to represent depression. This is partly because of their legendary ability to turn a once fertile realm into a blackened, smoking ruin and partly because popular mythology shows them as monstrous opponents with a tendency to pick fights with smaller creatures. I’m not particularly brave or resourceful, and after so many years battling my beasts, I have to admit to a certain weariness, but I will arm-wrestle dragons for eternity if it means that I can help anyone going through a similar struggle.”  

How did I get the book? Received from publisher in exchange for an honest review 

Review: I’m not sure how to review Night Shift without making it personal. Stories that focus on depression are, much like depression themselves, deeply personal. I can’t read this book, look at the illustrations, without making comparisons to my own experiences. So sometimes I will think “yes this is me” and other times “no I don’t feel like that”. Depression is unique to the individual and while traits can be shared or similar for many I don’t think it’s possible for one story to ever be universal.

This might come across as negative but it really isn’t. Debi Gliori’s has written and drawn a beautiful and dark map. It is because of the illustrations (which I think have a bigger impact because they aren’t tied down by words) that this book connects so much.

Night Shift is very effective and for a book so contained it’s powerful.

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