The White Fox written & illustrated by Jackie Morris


The day the fox came things began to change for Sol. Lost, alone and far away from home, Sol feels a deep connection with the little Arctic fox he discovers down at the Seattle docks – he too feels lost in the big city. Dad is always busy working and Sol misses the grandparents they have left behind. So Sol decides to take the little fox back home, reuniting his own family in the process.

Inspired by the true story of an Arctic fox who climbed into a dumpster in the Arctic and ended up as a stowaway in Seattle, The White Fox is a beautiful, powerful and affecting tale – one that clearly resonates with themes of wilderness and wildness, the connection between animal and human, universal experiences of loss and bereavement, and the sway and magic of the ‘old ways’.

Jackie Morris adds:  “I found this story in the Woodland Park Zoo, Seattle, where I met with snow leopards and then a small, curled Arctic fox. The roots of the story are there but it branches out. As a child I struggled to read. Barrington Stoke’s books would have helped me so much. I am so proud and pleased to be working with them.”


How did I get the book? Received from publisher in exchange for an honest review

Genre: Contemporary

Review: You know how some books just become treasures from the moment you begin the story? The White Fox was kind of like that for me and I didn’t expect it because I wasn’t sure what the story would be.

From the beautiful end pages of the hardback book*, the wonderful art and that opening sentence; “The day the fox came…” – I was there. I loved the voice of this story. It was reminiscent of fairy-tales but more involved, Sol was someone I cared about instead of a distant make-believe character.

Just like the fox, Sol feels out of place in the big city. His parents came for the better life but while Sol has had opportunities (we learn this later) that he couldn’t have had otherwise he is also alone. The fox is like a kindred spirit and it helps restore the relationship between him and his father.

The White Fox is not only beautiful visually; it’s a wonderful story about family. It also brings up questions about heritage, privilege and choosing your own path.

Recommend it?


* Just btw, if you need a present idea for yourself or somebody.
This is so perfect. I just keep swooning over the art.

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