5 Books You May Not Realise Have LGBTQ* characters! by Hayley Sprout #DiversityMonth

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5 Books You May Not Realise Have LGBTQ* characters!

Today I bring you 5 books that while are not LGBTQ* centric, they do include main characters who identify across the LGBTQ* spectrum.

20759444Afterworlds – Scott Westerfeld
Afterworlds follows Darcy, who straight after finishing high school lands a major publishing deal. The book is told in alternating chapters. As well as following the story of Darcy as she learns to navigate her way through New York City and the publishing industry, you also get to read the novel that Darcy had written – titled Afterworlds. Scott Westerfeld’s novel includes a lesbian romance, a publishing journey and two wonderful heroines.


25744542On The Other Side – Carrie Hope Fletcher
Carrie Hope Fletcher’s debut fiction novel is a wonderful story about Evie, who has to set her heart free of her secrets before she is able to pass on into the afterlife. It’s a very heartwarming story about the different kinds of love you encounter in your life. Fletcher is very good at crafting each of her character’s back stories. Evie’s first love Vincent identifies as bisexual and Fletcher writes about Vincent’s first relationship incredibly beautifully. However, there’s also a section of the novel where Evie learns from another character what pansexuality is and what it means.


21969786More Than This – Patrick Ness
More Than This follows Seth who has woken up in a stranded afterlife version of his town after having died drowning. The book delves into Seth’s life before he drowned including a romance with a boy in his life. I’ve left this synopsis pretty vague but it’s best not to give too much away as it will ruin the suspense!


18079719Grasshopper Jungle – Andrew Smith
Grasshopper Jungle is a very strange novel. The novel follows two sixteen year old boys who have accidentally set six foot tall, horny praying mantises across town. The narrator, Austin, at the same time is also dealing with his sexual orientation where he’s feeling the same feelings for his girlfriend Shannon as he is for his best friend Robby. It’s a strange book but I was thoroughly entertained.


4436849Hero – Perry Moore
Hero is an LGBTQ* book about a superhero! Thom is recruited to join The League that spawned his superhero father. And decides to keep his recruitment a secret from him along with other secrets. Hero is an underrated book, I haven’t heard many people talk about it at all. It’s a beautiful novel about a father/son relationship.


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