Read the 1st Chapter of The Golden Yarn by Cornelia Funke #Reckless


Reckless III: The Golden Yarn (Mirrorworld #3) by Cornelia Funke

The worlds on either side of the mirror are about to collide. And there’s nothing Jacob can do to stop them.
After a perilous encounter with an Alder Elf – an immortal, trick-­turning creature to whom he owes a great debt – Jacob must journey back into the enchanted Mirrorworld once again.

Together with Fox, his beautiful shape­shifting friend, Jacob has no choice but to follow his brother on the trail of the Dark Fairy, who has fled deep into the East: to a land of folklore, Cossacks, spies, time­-eating witches and flying carpets. But what exactly is the Dark One running from? Could it be the same danger that threatens Jacob and Fox?

The third book in the Reckless series, ?The Golden Yarn ?is a thrilling tale of courage and fear, jealousy and forbidden desire; in which love has the power both to save a life – and to destroy it.




You can read the rest of Chapter One by clicking on this link here


The Golden Yarn is published 3rd November 2016
by Pushkin Press


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