The Secret of Nightingale Wood by Lucy Strange


Henry has moved to the countryside with her parents and her baby sister, Piglet – all still scarred by the death of her brother.

Alone in her head, she begins to explore her surroundings, encouraged by her only friends – characters from her favourite books. Nobody much notices when she wanders into the woods at the bottom of the garden and meets Moth, a striking witch-like woman.

Together they form a bond that could help Henry save her family.

Genre: Historical Fiction

Review: I’m not quite sure of the exact moment I knew that I would adore The Secret of Nightingale Wood but it was very early on in the book. Probably after I had read the first few pages got to know Henry, who is exactly the kind of friend I would want. Anybody who loves books (especially fairy tales) that much is someone worth knowing.

Henry’s is haunted by grief and yet there is so much potential for hope. With Henry’s love for literature and her imagination we are treated to a story that whispers of potential magic. So when Henry braves the woods outside her new home and meets Moth, you wonder if Moth really is the witch the village talks about.

Restricted because she’s just a child, and a girl at that Henry has a struggle on her hands to rescue her mother and try and rebuild their family. My knowledge of how mental illness was dealt with in that time is very limited but I think this story gives a good indicator.

Lucy Strange provides a wonderful narrator who will draw readers into her world. The Secret of Nightingale Wood is one of those books that will stay with you.

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