Super Awkward by Beth Garrod

29554546I, Bella Fisher, am absolutely WINNING at FAILING at life.

1. I once got my tongue stuck to a box of Calippos in a supermarket.
2. I accidentally called my geography teacher Mum. Twice. He wasn’t impressed.
3. I’m a geek. And not in a geek-chic kind of way, but in a secretly-caring-about-failing-maths-and-science way.
4. I always fail maths and science.

So it figures that when I meet the FITTEST BOY IN THE WORLD, Zac, I’m doing solo star jumps. While dressed as a cereal box.
(NOTE TO SELF, fancy dress = HE-WILL-NEVER-EVER-FANCY-ME dress.)

Now I’ve got to somehow persuade Zac to come to prom with me while avoiding my evil ex and dealing with a secret so mega-awks I want to Ctrl-Z my brain… What could go wrong?
Oh yeah, that’s right. Absolutely everything.

How did I get the book? Received from publisher in exchange for an honest review

Genre: Contemporary

Review: I’m pretty sure Super Awkward is going to make it onto the permanent list of books I recommend. Already loosing count on how many people I’ve told they need to read Super Awkward, and it’s only been a short while.

Bella Fisher is a relatable narrator who made me laugh, giggle and actually side-stich loose it on more than one occasion. I’m just leaving the clue: classroom / art / desk.

If Super Awkward wasn’t written so well and Bella not the character she is, then this book would have a real danger of being slapstick without any emotional centre. As it is, Beth Garrod has managed to make Bella someone you care about. So while some moments might seem a little ridiculous, because it’s Bella, you completely believe this is happening.

Basically, Super Awkward is the book you pick up when you need some laughter in your day.

Recommend it?


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