The Secret Cooking Club by Laurel Remington

Secret Cooking Club Jacket.

Twelve-year-old Scarlett is the star and victim of her mum’s popular blog – the butt of school jokes, she’s eager to stay firmly out of the spotlight.

But one evening, she finds a gorgeous kitchen in the house next door, left empty by an elderly neighbour in hospital. As Scarlett bakes, she starts to transform her life, discovering new friends and forming the Secret Cooking Club.

But can she fix her family, seal her friendships and find the mysterious secret ingredient?


How did I get the book? Received from publisher in exchange for an honest review

Genre: Contemporary

Review: This is a story that will most likely have you craving cakes, scones, tarts and all manner of yummy things. Getting a cup of tea and a slice of cake before you begin reading might be an idea.  😀

The Secret Cooking Club is the kind of book that you find yourself caught up in before you realise. Scarlett is likeable and so ensures that readers are engaged from the beginning. As Scarlett has been the focus of her mother’s blog she does her upmost to remain unseen, so it’s nice to see how Scarlett comes out of her shell over the course of the story and also the friendships that get formed. I also liked how Scarlett and her mother’s relationship changed.

Pivotal to the story is of course the stunning kitchen that Scarlett finds, the one belonging to her neighbour Mrs Simpson. Their friendship is what made the book for me. It took it from sweet to lovely.

Recommend it?


‘Ready, steady… write!’ – from idea to publication #GuestPost by Laurel Remington

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