The Graces by Laure Eve

Graces_Final_FrontEveryone said the Graces were witches.

They moved through the corridors like sleek fish, ripples in their wake. Stares followed their backs and their hair.

They had friends, but they were just distractions. They were waiting for someone different.

All I had to do was show them that person was me.

Like everyone else in her town, River is obsessed with the Graces, attracted by their glamour and apparent ability to weave magic. But are they really what they seem? And are they more dangerous than they let on?

This beautifully-written thriller will grip you from its very first page.

How did I get the book? Received from publisher in exchange for an honest review

Genre: Paranormal

Review: This book is a story of obsession and you’ll be reading The Graces obsessively until the end. Everybody is consumed by The Graces, the town, the school, River and even The Graces themselves.

What I enjoyed the most about this book is River. She is utterly enthralled by The Graces but not just for the reasons you think. She is set on being part their inner circle, because The Graces will understand her. River is smart, manipulative and calculating but also loves The Graces, especially Fenrin and Summer.

Nothing about The Graces is straightforward – it’s all one twisted glorious mess that is just waiting to tumble down. And as the reader you get a front row seat, while Laure Eve just messes up all the characters up for your entertainment.

A magic curses real? How much of what happens is down to everybody being eating up by their obsessions? The Graces might have magic but this story is as much about people being broken under the expectations placed upon them.

Recommend it?



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2 thoughts on “The Graces by Laure Eve

  1. Everyone seems to like this book a lot. Someone said it is like a cross between the movies: The Craft and Practical Magic, and I loved those movies, so I will most definitely be reading it at some point. Thanks for sharing a review.

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