Violet and the Smugglers (Violet #3) by Harriet Whitehorn & Becka Moor (Illustrator)


Meet Violet Remy-Robinson, an amateur Sherlock Holmes in the making…Uncle Johnny has invited Violet and her friends to spend the summer with him on a sailing adventure around Europe and Violet couldn’t be more excited!

But when she suspects that the captain of a boat nearby might be up to no good, Violet needs to put her detective skills into action…could he be the head of a smuggling ring?



How did I get the book? I bought it.

Previously reviewed:
Violet and the Pearl of the Orient (Violet #1)
Violet and the Hidden Treasure (Violet #2)

Genre: Mystery

Review: We’re back for the third mystery in Harriet Whitehorn wonderful series. Violet is still has charming as she was in the very first book (Violet and the Pearl of the Orient) and this time we have a conundrum that has Violet sailing across countries on the track of possible diamond smugglers.

One of these things I enjoy so much about the Violet mysteries is how much of pleasure they are to read. Visually the books are beautiful and Becka Moor’s illustrations are just lovely, they really add to the story.

Violet is such a likable heroine and her friends make great companions as they set out unravelling the mysteries. Plus with each book we seem to be gaining more animal companions. I also like the grown-up are complete characters, in this adventure it was Grand-Mēre who stole the show. She had a full backstory and spitfire personality. All shared with just a few sentences here and there but I know I’d love to sit down with ice-cream with her if only you could have character walk of pages…

So looking forward to the next mystery.  😀

Recommend it?


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