Strange Star by Emma Carroll

9780571317653They were coming tonight to tell ghost stories. ‘A tale to freeze the blood,’ was the only rule. Switzerland, 1816. On a stormy summer night, Lord Byron and his guests are gathered round the fire.

Felix, their serving boy, can’t wait to hear their creepy tales.

Yet real life is about to take a chilling turn – more chilling than any tale.

Frantic pounding at the front door reveals a stranger, a girl covered in the most unusual scars.

She claims to be looking for her sister, supposedly snatched from England by a woman called Mary Shelley. Someone else has followed her here too, she says. And the girl is terrified.

This breathtaking new book from Emma Carroll, the critically-acclaimed author of Frost Hollow Hall, The Girl Who Walked On Air, In Darkling Wood and The Snow Sister, is a deliciously creepy story inspired by the creation of Frankenstein, and is brought to life by a leading talent in children’s literature.

How did I get the book? Received from publisher in exchange for an honest review

Genre: Historical Fiction / Gothic

Previously reviewed:
Frost Hollow Hall
The Girl Who Walked On Air
In Darkling Wood
The Snow Sister

Review: I love getting my hands on a new Emma Carroll book. I always know that I’m in for a treat, so of course when Strange Star landed on my doorstep it made it straight to the top of my review pile.

Strange Star told in part by Lizzie, the strange girl that appears at Villa Diodati, where Felix is serving Lord Byron and his guests. The narration also focuses on what happens before Lizzie’s arrival and the aftermath her tale brings. Both weave together a story of obsession and prejudice, with Emma Carroll given a fictional inspiration of where Mary Shelley might have found her idea for Frankenstein.

What I always enjoy about Emma Carroll’s books is how easily I come to care about the characters. Lizzie is resourceful; she has a wonderful friend who doesn’t leave her, a lovely but troublesome little sister. I felt a great connection to all of these girls.

I thought Strange Star had a good balance between being unnerving of what was happening at Eden Court, without being too scary for the audience this book is aimed at.

Recommend it?


Expected publication:

7th July 2016 by Faber & Faber

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