Eden Summer by Liz Flanagan

Eden Summer jkt.

It starts like any other day for Jess – get up, draw on eyeliner, cover up tattoos and head to school. But soon it’s clear this is no ordinary day, because Jess’s best friend Eden isn’t at school…she’s gone missing.  Jess knows she has to do everything in her power to try to find Eden before the unthinkable happens. So she starts to retrace their steps, looking back over the summer she and Eden have just spent together. She starts to notice new things. She starts to question everything she thought Eden’s summer had been about…

A tense and thrilling journey through friendship, loss, betrayal and self-discovery.

How did I get the book? StorytellersInc Book Club

Genre: Contemporary

Review: Page-turning reads come, to my mind, in two categories. Those that have you hurry through a story because you need a conclusion. Or those, like Eden Summer, that you are unable to disconnect from but where you still savour the book as you are reading.

Eden Summer was not only a story that I needed to follow to the end but also one that I thoroughly enjoyed while reading. The balance that Liz Flanagan has struck between the present hunt Jess is on for her missing best friend, and the glimpses into what happened leading up to Eden’s disappearance is excellent. I felt a real connection to both girls.

There is a short timeline for this story to be told and sometimes this doesn’t always work out but in Eden Summer the writing, characters and pacing all pull together. I was glad I could read this book in one sitting because I would have been hard-pressed to put it down.

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