Magrit by Lee Battersby & Amy Daoud (illustrator)

27404238Magrit lives in an abandoned cemetery with her friend and advisor, Master Puppet, whom she built from bones and bits of graveyard junk.

One night as Magrit and Master Puppet sit atop of their crumbling chapel, a passing stork drops a baby into the graveyard. Defying Master Puppet’s demands that the baby be disposed of, and taking no heed of his dire warnings, Magrit decides to raise the baby herself.

She gives him a name: Bugrat. Magrit loves Bugrat like a brother But Master Puppet know all too well what will happen when Bugrat grows up – that the truth about them all will be revealed.

How did I get the book?  
Received a copy from the publisher* in exchange for an honest review

Genre: Gothic Fantasy (?)

Review: Magrit is one of those books that I came to unexpectedly and loved instantly.

Magrit is nearly ten and lives in a graveyard, her only friend is Master Puppet, a skeleton she built from bones and rubbish. One day ‘the terrible thing’ as Master Puppet calls it, arrives. It’s a baby and Magrit wants to keep it – Master Puppet wants her to kill it, saying it will be the end of everything.

I loved the story and how it was told. There is a fairy-tale feel when reading this book, Master Puppet, how Magrit chooses the baby’s name and the horror of the chapel.

Master Puppet says ‘the terrible thing’ is the end of Magrit’s world – you’ll have read the book to find out if he’s right.

Recommend it?


*surprise book post
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