The UKYA Book Blogger Awards Winners


Without further ado let us unveil the UKYA Book Blogger Awards winners:



2nd Place – Queen of Contemporary
3rd Place – TeenBookHoots



2nd Place – YAYeahYeah
3rd Place – The Dark Dictator



2nd Place – Tales Of Yesterday
3rd Place – Hello I Am Miriam



2nd Place – George Lester
3rd Place – The Pewter Wolf



2nd Place – Bookish Brits
3rd Place – The Big Book Project



2nd Place – Serendipity Reviews
3rd Place – Queen of Contemporary



2nd Place – Tales Of Yesterday
3rd Place – Luna’s Little Library



2nd Place – George Lester
3rd Place – SableCaught



2nd Place – Hello I Am Mariam
3rd Place – YAYeahYeah



2nd Place – Ninjas Reads Too
3rd Place – Reflectionofthebooks



2nd Place – Chouett Blog
3rd Place – Writer-On-Wheels



2nd Place – Serendipity Reviews
3rd Place – Queen of Contemporary



2nd Place – Serendipity Reviews
3rd Place – Casey Ann



2nd Place – The Perpetual Page-Turner
3rd Place – Lili’s Reflections





The 2016 UKYA Book Blogger Awards in numbers:

Something like 30hrs+ were spent backstage putting the awards together.
More than 100 nominations were put forward…
28 UKYA Bloggers made the longlist
33 UKYA Bloggers were on the shortlist
Over 2600 votes were cast in 14 categories
There were 16 lovely helpers and 1 host
On the 30th May at 6pm (that’s tonight) there is 1 epic Book Lover / Awards Twitter Party and you are all invited!

See you at the Twitter celebrations tonight!
#bookloverparty #awardukyabbloggers



A big thank you to all the helpers:

Aditi @ A Thousand Words A Million Books
Amy McCaw @ YA Under My Skin
Andrew @ The Pewter Wolf
Annalise @ AnnaliseBooks
Aurelija @ myblinddatewithbooks
Chelley Toy @ Tales Of Yesterday
Chloe @ Writer-On-Wheels
Cintia @ Reflection of the Books
Emma @ Howling Reviews
Georgia Stencel @ The Books Bandit
Jesse @ thatjessebloke
Kaavya @ outlookonabook
Kaisha @ thewritinggarnet
Rachel Kennedy @ Ya-bberingBooklover
Rebecca @ Rebecca McCormick’s Authorial Blog
Virginie @ Chouett


I hope you enjoyed the 2016 UKYA Book Blogger Awards.



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4 thoughts on “The UKYA Book Blogger Awards Winners

  1. Congratulations to all winners and runners-up and thanks to all the helpers too. Your contribution to the world of books is inspiring, informative and influential. Great job!

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