Bad Apple by Matt Whyman


Like all good law-abiding citizens, sixteen-year-old Maurice no longer considers going off the rails as just a teenage phase. It can only mean the mark of a troll…

But these trolls aren’t confined to causing trouble online: now they’re in our homes, on our streets and have ruined life as we know it. As a rule Maurice tries to avoid trouble – until the day he crosses paths with Wretch, a very bad apple indeed. And with tensions rising, can these two teens put their differences aside in order to survive?


How did I get the book? Received from publisher in exchange for an honest review

Genre: Dark Comedy / Fantasy

Previously reviewed:
The Savages
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War Girls (short-story collection)

Review: All rejoice in the return of Matt Whyman and Bad Apple. A jailbreak road-trip adventure with trolls – you know you want to read it.

In the typical (tyrannical) solution of those in power, the problem solving of “Trolls” has been to lock them up. So Maurice becomes an unwitting accomplice when his school as a field trip to one of the housing facilities. The story follows Maurice and Wretch, as well as a host of other characters as the two teens try to get Wretch home.

Throughout the story the reader is reminded not to judge, not only because you get to know Wretch so much better but by the interaction with other characters. As much as I loved the unique story, the writing and characters (something I’ve adored with Matt Whyman’s previous Savage’s books) I think that was my favourite part.

Bad Apple is for those of us that would be picking the red apple in a sea of green ones.

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