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Iron Fist

The Rules: if you find a secret inventory of utterly deadly battle tech.
1) Do not try it.
2) Do not tell anyone.
3) Do NOT let thieves in behind you.

What’s more secret than top-secret? The Inventory. Home to the deadliest inventions the world isn’t ready for. Invisible camouflage. HoverBoots. Indestructible metals. Plus a giant creature of chaos: war robot Iron Fist. No one has ever broken past the state-of-the-art AI security system. (Seriously, most bad guys have no idea this stuff is even there.)

Problem 1: the security robot wasn’t ready for a gang of kids wandering in.
Problem 2: they’ve ONLY brought the ruthless Shadow Helix gang in behind them. Seriously dumb, but it’s a bit late for ‘sorry’.

Say hello to trouble: the Iron Fist is in the wrong hands!


Guest Post by Andy Briggs

Imagine walking into a supermarket, furniture store or a DIY labyrinth. Down aisles of shelves that stretch stories above your head and hold the most important, most amazing and, occasionally, the most dangerous inventions ever made. That’s exactly what my new book series, THE INVENTORY, is all about.

One of the joys about writing this series was the chance to create amazing new devices that could possibly exist, one day at least. However, the real challenge was creating marvellous things that nobody has attempted to make before – an a quick tour of the internet will leave you in no doubt there are some truly eye-popping inventions out there. So here, in Luna’s Little Library, let us take the opportunity to look at some of the items you may find in the Inventory, that hopefully don’t give too much of the story away…

HOVERBOOTS – I think the name says it all. Who wouldn’t want a pair of these? Imagine strapping them on and being able to soar around the street. Now, we’re not talking about flying through the skies because you’d need a rocket-pack for that, obviously, and we all know they’re heavy and cumbersome. Wearing Hoverboots means you can fly to the shops and still walk around inside without taking them off.

EEMA – If you’re lazy, or a pop star, you probably need a butler/bodyguard and this is were Eema steps in. Or rolls in. Imagine an eight-foot tall metal sphere – yeah, you’ve see little BB-8 in Star Wars, but Eema is bigger, smarter, complete with unfolding panels with a variety of gadgets – like a Swiss Army Knife. Complete with a floating holographic face with an arrangement of emoji expressions…

PRISM BUDDY – Ever wanted a doppelganger or stunt buddy to back you up? That’s were this hand gizmo comes in. It is a water based glass-like foam that creates a solid mirage by deflecting light, and it can take the rap when you need to get out of trouble!

OMNIBOARD – I used to enjoy skateboarding – admittedly I always fell off. But the Omniboard is every special. Like a Segway or those two-wheeled hoverboards, the Onmiboard self-balances, meaning you can’t fall off and, instead of four wheels it has one central orb that allows the rider to switch directions instantly. I would be using this every day if I had one.

AQUA-LUNGS – snorkelling and scuba diving are wonderful activities. There is nothing like swimming over coral reefs filled with colourful fish. There is only one drawback: Drowning. You need an Aqua-Lung, a small device that filters oxygen out of the water allowing you to breathe normally underwater for as long as you want.


Andy Briggs is a screenwriter, producer and author of the, and Tarzan series.

Andy has worked on film development for Paramount and Warner Bros, as well as working with Marvel Comics legend Stan Lee and producer Robert Evans. With a strong social media following, Andy tours the UK regularly, doing festival, school and library events.



Release Date: 5th May 2016
Genre: MG Sci-Fi / Adventure
Publisher: Scholastic Press
Format: Paperback
Goodreads ……….. Amazon



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