Do you sometimes think about going back to change a book review?

I started thinking about this towards the second half of last year and it’s a thought that hasn’t really gone away. Technically there is nothing but myself from going back to edit my reviews, but should I?

bad idea

I’m not talking about the odd typo. I’m talking about changing the rating or even the content of a review.

While some of the reviews I’ve written (especially those when I first started blogging) aren’t always as good as I wished they were I don’t mind leaving them. But  there a few books
(ok 4) where I now have a problem with the review or the rating I originally gave.

One thing that these books have in common is that they all sit on my Diverse Bookcase. When I initially read these books, it was usually a case of me coming across a story dealing with that particular subject for the first time or the book in question was acknowledging something that I hadn’t seen another YA/MG story. Now I have more understanding (through talking to people and a lot more reading, factual & fictional) and I have read better books dealing with these topics. Ones where I feel those authors have either personal experience or done better research.*

So when I think about those 4 books and my reviews attached to them I feel like I’m wrong. What I believe now, doesn’t not match the review/rating I gave those books.

Yet I’ve never thought about going back to change reviews before and that notion itself makes me uncomfortable.

I’m constantly changing my mind between – should or shouldn’t I?


Do you sometimes wish you could go back and change a book review?
Have you done it?



*I realise this paragraph is very confusing/vague
but I don’t want to give away the books

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4 thoughts on “Do you sometimes think about going back to change a book review?

  1. to try to respect the integrity of my original reviews, i don’t go back and change them. instead i might do a follow up segment on the book on how my feelings/ratings have changed and why. that way i respect my original thoughts AND my newer ones too 🙂

  2. I always want to change my reviews, it’s practically a constant thought going through my head, but I’ve generally held off. I do tend to go back in and add a note at the end if/when my thoughts change but leave the bulk of the review alone.

    One thing I do a lot is change ratings. It feels like the more I read the harsher I become and what started as a four star read three years ago is downgraded until it’s two stars now.

    1. The more I read the less I’m willing to let slide, so I know that’s reflected in my reviews but I don’t think I go back and change the rating. I did it for one book but then went back and returned it to the original rating I first gave it – because that was how I felt at that time and I felt guilty about changing it. :S

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