It isn’t all sparkles…

If 4 years of blogging has thought me anything it’s that just like any job – you have bad days. That’s the thing: Book Blogging is a job.

It might be job you’ve created for yourself. One you made because love books but once you tally up the hours and effort you but into it, it’s another full-time gig on top of what is already going on in your life.

And sometimes there are parts you don’t like.

Like suddenly getting an email asking about a book review on a book you never agreed to review but got sent anyway. Or when you agree to participate in an event (online or in person) weeks ahead and then you don’t hear anything until one few days beforehand, leaving you trying to figure everything out last minute.

And yes Politics. We have them… it isn’t all magical in book blogger-land. When I started I honestly thought it would be all rainbows, cakes and sparkles. A bit naïve I grant you. As no matter how lovely a community (and I think we are pretty darn awesome) will be without the occasional blow up. It’s up to us how we handle it and rebuild. Edit:  I’m thinking maybe some extra context should be added to the above. I should stress that I personally haven’t had any experience of this but some examples are; having your reviews plagiarised. Or when authors react to bad reviews – flipping that; I personally don’t agree with people tweeting/sending bad reviews to authors. Things like this ripple out.

I also struggle with Social Media. Its own little world that I love and loathe, so many places I’m supposed to be and yet don’t want to be…. the confusing of Twitter alone, all the different events/chats. I feel like I’m antisocial for generally not participating in anything and I really struggle to keep up with events.

Yet here’s the thing. You made the job – at any point you can walk away from it.



I can’t think of anything else in my life that has option. I can’t think of anything where I’m least likely to ever follow through on that escape route. Because for those odd occasions that I have days I don’t like my blogging job I have SO many more where I love it.

So after four years I don’t see me going anywhere.

Other than into reading more books…


If I made a list of the things I loved about book blogging we’d be here so a long  time 😉

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7 thoughts on “It isn’t all sparkles…

  1. Four years that’s amazing, what can I say……..
    Wow, I’ve got two to catch up on you, it’s my 2 year anniversary soon! I love it too warts and all! Books and writing of course but it has taken me all sorts of weird and wonderful directions. Its hard work but its worth it. Keep on smiling, reading and blogging!

  2. I’m glad the good parts really outweigh the bad parts. I guess like any job, there will always be ‘the politics’, but fortunately here in the bookblogging community we are mostly great book loving people. I’m glad to hear you’re still loving books and bookblogging.

    • We are a great community, which is why I think when things do go wrong it hurts. It’s the high profile examples that end up really leaving such a lasting impact. 😦

      I don’t see me stopping anytime soon. I ♥ book blogging way too much.

    • Thank you very much ♥
      I feel appreciated by the community and I hope you didn’t interpret this post as me being fed up. I was trying to point out that even jobs you love have days that aren’t all perfect. I’m sure authors have those too, when they have deadline or stories aren’t coming together.

      Book Blogging is hard work but it’s worth it. I do wish I could provide ‘novice me’ from 4 years ago some advice though 😉

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