Daughter of the Flames by Zoë Marriott

Zahira is a young woman of the conquered Rua people, their country occupied by another, very different culture – the Sedorne. Zahira is an orphan and has been raised to despise and distrust the occupying population, as well as to be a devout follower of the native religion. But everything changes for Zahira when her home and foster family are destroyed and she finds out some shocking truths about her heritage and real family.

Realizing that it is up to her to do something about the violence and upheaval that are tearing her country apart, she must learn to accept her Sedorne origins and try to bridge the gap between the warring cultures. But when her own people suspect her of treachery for her ideas – especially after she saves the life of a Sedorne nobleman and begins to fall in love – the epic task ahead of her seems insurmountable…

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Genre: Fantasy

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Review: Oh Zoë Marriott the ways I adore you… ♥

Let me get this out of the way: I am an absolutely massive Zoë Marriott fan. Truthfully I have loved every single one of her books. Daughter of the Flames was my emergency read, like that book you keep when things get on top of you and you need escape and comfort. I’d been saving it for years.

If I was comparing Daughter of the Flames to Zoë Marriott’s most recent Name of the Blade Trilogy then there differences. I mean Zira’s story was Zoë’s second book and published in 2008 but the ‘Zoë Magic’ (as I call it) is there.

All the things that I adore so much are there: The characters, the world building, the captivating writing, the way I’ve never yet managed to just read one chapter but always end up reading the whole book in one sitting.

Daughter of the Flames might classed as YA Fantasy but actually I think it’s a story that would be enjoyed as a fantasy read by anyone. It’s strategic and political with magic, love (not just the romantic kind) and swords.

Recommend it?

Sunshine Star

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