The delightful things in my inbox…

This month my blog is 4 years old


Book blogging opens doors to loads of wonderful things. The most obvious being the joy you have from reading but as most book bloggers will tell you there are other things that come along. New friends, going to events and meeting authors plus those occasional book treasures delivered to your door.

Book blogging also comes with a lot of decision making. Some you make at the start. Right when you decide to begin your journey and others later on. Quite a lot evolve the longer you blog.

How I deal with ‘review requests’ has changed a lot in the last 4 years, mainly because of another decision I made – the one to also post my reviews on Amazon and Goodreads.

Posting reviews on online retailer websites is something that helps the author, which is why I created a profile and began adding my reviews. Last year I achieved some magic status with Amazon and suddenly my inbox exploded.

I thought I’d share some of the more amusing requests I’ve received:

  • baby dummies
  • clock movement, without the clock
  • loads of lingerie and bathing suit requests, including one from a couple of weeks ago for “sexy children mermaids bathing suits” – creepy much
  • vitamins & health supplements of questionable origins
  • arrow rest for bow hunting, sans arrow or bow
  • “CreepyParty adult animal party heads” -that was the description :/
  • dog whistle
  • a silicone wedding ring band (no idea)
  • skull bicycle-lights
  • electric ‘eraser’ (as in rubber, like the ones you had at school only electric because of reasons I’ve yet to understand…)
  • the moustache trimming kit, you know for that handlebar moustache that I’ve been working on

head desk

*drumroll* this one still wins –
Email asking me if I wanted to review the ovulation & pregnancy tests!
Maybe they heard about the baby dummy request. 😉


There is still plenty of book review emails as well. Such as a recent one entitled: “YA Book for Review” beyond that the email contained no information, just an author bio and the line ‘Let me know if this is something you’re interested it.’
Well if you give me a clue…

Then you have the constant emails what include a PDF/eBook, for books your review policy makes clear you wouldn’t read (never mind that I don’t accept eBooks) – or those brilliant ones you get which tell you “here is product code / book and you give 5 star review”.

You know how I said how I deal with these ‘review requests’ had changed?
I press DELETE.

And I’m not losing sleep over it.

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