Manga Reviews are coming to Luna’s Little Library

During my teens I was massively into Manga and Anime. After I moved to the UK it became much harder to maintain this hobby, while Manga and Anime boomed in Germany (& also the US) that popularity never seemed to reach the UK.
It’s improved but where I live it’s still only a handful of books in some bookshops. The first time I saw a Manga in my local library I thought I was hallucinating.

Like what?

Like what?

Also it’s a damn expensive hobby, as most Manga’s a US imports they retail for around £7 a book. Series can easily go beyond 10+ volumes (sometimes a lot more) so that’s a lot of money to invest.

This year I started getting back into reading Manga and I actually missed it a lot and even though I’ve been reviewing graphic novels more on Luna’s Little Library I’ve not reviewed a single Manga since I set this blog up 4 years ago.

That will be changing.


I plan to re-read the series I’ve got hidden in boxes under my bed as well and trying out new stories.

miyuManga reviews will not be in the usual format because there is no way I’m reviewing a series with 28 volumes (i.e. books) separately. Wouldn’t you, as my readers, be bored after the third review?

Instead I’ll review complete series; including a recommendation on whether it’s worth investing in (to re-read, because of the art, etc) or if it’s better to try & borrow the books.

Just as with my other reading, I’m not very tied down to genres.
(Though admittedly I’m probably a little choosier about the art.)
You’ll find stories from contemporary to fantasy to horror and back.

I hope you enjoy them! 🙂

Konachan_com - 39456 card_captor_sakura cherry_blossoms kinomoto_sakura

Below are some extra genre terms that tend to come up in regards to Anime/Manga:

  • Mecha – probably quite self-explanatory but think giant robots, like the kind they hard in Pacific Rim. (Why did I agree to watch that movie?)
  • Magical Girl – Sailor Moon is the ideal example. Girl turns into superhero and fights evil while also dealing with everyday life.
  • Yaoi / Shonen Ai – yaoi is slang for “boys love”, basically these manga’s will be about same-sex relationships.
  • Yuri / Shoujo Ai – see above, only in this case it’ll be girls.
  • Ecchi / Hentai – sexual content, hentai being the more graphic of the two . . .(I think). It’s highly unlikely there will be any of these in my list.

You might also see the overall category of Shojo (manga’s ‘for girls’) and Seinen (manga’s ‘for boys’) as if you go on a Manga hunt. It’s unlikely to be my blog though, because I don’t buy into it. The same way I don’t buy into certain books only being for girls because they have pink covers. 😛

Btw, if you have any Manga’s you’d like me to review for you love and want to recommend TELL ME!!!

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