Fleabag & the Fire Cat (Fleabag #2) by Beth Webb

firecatLife at court has made Gemma complacent about her job as keeper of the Ring Fire. But a jealous courtier tricks and kidnaps Gemma, seeking to take her place at court and to imitate her power.

Fleabag’s memories of his former heroics in the service of the Queen soon become reality once more, as he sets off with the Fire Cat and lady knight Rowanne to try and rescue the Royal Fire Wielder. But they find that Gemma must save herself by using the Ring Fire against the dark forces that are threatening the Kingdom…

How did I get the book?
Received from author in exchange for an honest review

Genre: Fantasy

Previously reviewed: Fleabag & the Ring Fire

Review: I read this book almost immediately upon completing Fleabag & the Ring Fire (book 1) because I couldn’t stay away from my new favourite fictional feline. A few years have passed since Gemma became a Fire Wielder, she is struggling with the pressures of protocol is locked in her office to study and misses the days when she was Gemma Streetchild.

Just like the first book in the trilogy Fleabag & the Fire Cat is told in a fast pace. A lot happens in this story and Gemma goes on quite a journey. Her character certainly grows from the girl at the beginning of the book. As well as Gemma’s friends from Fleabag & the Ring Fire we also meet new ones, some which I think (hope) will feature in the last book of this trilogy.

Middle books in trilogies are always a little tricky and while the ending completely won me over again the first half didn’t have quite the same magic. There some tidbits of what might happen in the conclusion which are given to the reader and because I adore Fleabag there is no way I won’t be reading the ending.

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