Fleabag & the Ring Fire (Fleabag #1) by Beth Webb

fireringHe’s got three legs, millions of fleas and serious cattitude. He’s FLEABAG the alley cat who lives in the palace. And he talks!

His favourite humans are Gemma the kitchen maid and the queen – who is dying. The royal Ring with its strange Fire has been hidden. Gemma and Fleabag are sent on the dangerous quest to find it, protected by a cat-hating knight. They’re ambushed by Phelan the thief – who gives what can never be stolen.

How did I get the book?
Received from author in exchange for an honest review

Genre: Fantasy

Review: I had the best introduction to Fleabag & the Ring Fire. I first meet Fleabag when Beth Webb read the first few chapters and I was enthralled. It was everything I loved about the genre growing up.

When it was time to read the rest of Fleabag & the Ring Fire myself (sadly the author does not come with the book) I did miss Beth Webb’s voice but the story is thrilling and fast paced so you become caught up in it very quickly.

There are many characters in this book, the main focus is on Gemma and her quest though – with trusted Fleabag at her side. Never forget Fleabag, who if I’m honest if probably the reason I adore this book so much.

Another thing I liked is that the friends Gemma makes are never just one thing. I don’t want to give anything away but I love characters with extra layers.

Fleabag & the Ring Fire is a wonderful beginning to what I hope to be an excellent trilogy.

Recommend it?


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