#SpinsterSunday hosted by StorytellersInc

On Sunday the 7th February 2016

Holly Bourne (Am I Normal Yet? and How Hard Can Love Be?), Non Pratt (Trouble and Remix), Jenny McLachlan (The Ladybirds Series), Natasha Farrant (The Bluebell Gadsby Series and The Things We Did For Love), Keris Stainton (Counting Stars and Della Says: OMG) & Sara Barnard (Beautiful Broken Things) came to The Palace in St Anne’s for special #SpinsterSunday hosted by StorytellersInc.

The theme of the day was friendship and feminism – plus of course fun. We had a program (more on that in a moment) a heck of a lot of books, tea, snacks and amazing goody bags.


Holly Bourne started the event by talking about why we need feminism, which included the Patriarchy Bingo.

Next up was Natasha Farrant who introduced us to her writing process & books.

And then Jenny McLachlan had her spotlight moment to tell us about how she overcame her shyness. I want to tell you about the chisel and the licorice allsort but really I think these are stories that are best heard directly from Jenny…
do ask her. It’s worth it.

At this point we had our first ‘break’. This was basically the chance to go buy books, ask author’s to sign them… hunt out snacks. The whole day was planned out really well. The 10 minute talks alternating with ‘author events’.

Anyway the first break meant JENNY. Meeting Jenny McLachlan has been on my author bucket list for years and with Star Struck arriving the day before #SpinsterSunday…. well and then this. Point is, I was excited and I pounced.
In a lovely way (I think).

Throughout the day there was opportunity to talk to all the authors and it was so friendly and relaxed. It was really lovely to see Natasha Farrant again, I always love seeing Keris Stainton (I actually found books she hadn’t signed – no idea how they slipped through!) and it was great meeting Holly Bourne and Sara Barnard. Also this time Non Pratt and I recognised each other (there is a story, will bore you if wish) win!

After the first break it was the Friendship Panel with Sara Barnard and Keris Stainton, chaired by Holly Bourne


Next up, Non Pratt’s 10 minute talk about Gender-conditioning a generation. Ok people – this was amazing. I mean Non is brilliant anyway but she rocks at this.

Jenny McLachlan returned for her author event, in which she introduced The Ladybirds books and read a little from Love Bomb – before telling us what didn’t make it into the book. I want to go for drinks with Jenny…

There was a break for signings before Natasha Farrant’s to talk about whether Jane Austin was a feminist or not.

(The answer from me is YES Holly.)

Non Pratt’s author event came with fun facts:

And I finally gave up on trying to succeed in getting a picture of her without ‘sparkle’

Turns out there was a reason…

Just in case you didn’t know….


Holly Bourne’s author talk began with the hating of Valentine’s Day and how it lead to Spinster Sunday.

After this we had the All Author Panel Event and #SpinsterSunday Bingo which I won :O (trust me that is shocking) and because I’m übernice I’ll be sharing the goodies in a giveaway later this month. (You will want to keep an eye out for that – trust me.)



At the end of #SpinsterSunday there was more mingling with amazing people. So let’s do it all again next Sunday?

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