Dear Publicists…

Dear Publicists,

I wanted to say thank you.

You’ve been really good to me, particularly this year when I needed it and it means a lot. I mean you’re always friendly and professional (I’d like to think we both are) but what happen at the beginning of January, me being unable to the reviews I’d agreed to, you were lovely about it.

Since last August my health has taken me on a ride, mostly the bad kind and while I’ve mostly managed to balance it with my blog it hasn’t always worked. Yet all you’ve been so nice, one of you (you know who you are) even sent me a care package.

When the post office suddenly decided that the house I lived in for the last 7 years didn’t exist and the review books vanished into… well somewhere, you kindly resent them.

Book Blogging is my passion. I take is seriously and I am sorry that I am not my reliable-self right now. I truly appreciate how understanding everyone has been.

Thank you,


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