Knitbone Pepper: Ghost Dog by Claire Barker (with Illustrations by Ross Collins)

25687519How did I get the book? I bought it

Genre: Paranormal

Synopsis: Knitbone has a problem. His beloved owner Winnie and her bonkers parents may be forced to move and leave Knitbone behind! Can the spirits of Starcross, a gigglesome gang of ghostly animals, help Winnie save her home?

A wonderfully whimsical new series, jam-packed with mayhem, chuckles and woofs!

200words (or less) review: I bought this pretty much because of the first page. In which Knitbone bemoans the boringness of heaven. He later realises he’s stuck in his owner’s cupboard and is in fact a ghost dog. It was the writing and the adorable (I will try not to repeat ‘adorable’ too often in this review but seriously this book is just too adorable) narration that hooked me.

Being a ghost dog isn’t that great when your owner can’t see you and joining the S.O.S. (Spirits of Starcross) seems to involve eating more ginger biscuits then protecting Starcross Hall from the Hedge Hider.

Ross Collins illustrations are lovely and fit perfectly with the story (plus the Beloved are adorable) and as I’ve already mentioned the narration is what made me but the book in the first place. I adored (it’s nearly adorable) the story Claire Barker has written, it’s fun but also has heart with Knitbone and Winnie’s relationship being the focus.

Recommend it?


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