Luna’s Picks #4 – Adventure Island Series by Helen Moss

There are books I want to recommend but I’ve not reviewed, either because these were before my blogging days or sometimes I had other commitments. Luna’s Picks is a chance to highlight these.

Adventure Island Series by Helen Moss


When Scott and Jack Carter have to stay with their great aunt for the summer they steel themselves for the most boring holiday ever. But then they meet Emily Wild and her loveable dog, Drift. Emily shows them the lighthouse, the castle – and the amazing whistling caves. Legend has it that when the caves stop whistling the castle will be attacked – and that’s exactly what happens!

Reasons why I love these books:

  • They have all the things that I loved about the adventure books I read when I was little (yes like Enid Blyton)
  • Drift, a most excellent dog
  • Emily, Scott and Jack are likable and realistic.
  • The stories are compact so it’s a quick read but they are also complete
  • It’s so easy to get lost in the books (and end up reading 3 in one afternoon)
  • The mysteries aren’t impossible but not too easy to figure out
  • While it does help to read the books in order it isn’t a requirement, I read a few out of sync and it didn’t stop my enjoyment
  • There are 14 books in the series, which sounds like a lot, but the Adventure Island is a series that you can re-join at any time so I’m quite pleased.

Books read so far:
The Mystery of the Whistling Caves (#1)
The Mystery of the Midnight Ghost (#2)
The Mystery of the Hidden Gold (#3)
The Mystery of the Vanishing Skeleton (#6)

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