Luna’s Picks #3 – Mariella Mysteries Investigates by Kate Pankhurst

There are books I want to recommend but I’ve not reviewed, either because these were before my blogging days or sometimes I had other commitments. Luna’s Picks is a chance to highlight these.

The Mariella Mysteries Investigates Series
by Kate Pankhurst

Mariella Mystery – totally amazing girl detective, aged 9 and a bit. Able to solve the most mysterious mysteries and perplexing problems, even before breakfast.

Reasons why I love these books:

  • Each mystery has a great title, that’s a great start before you even begin reading the books
  • Mariella
  • Mariella’s friend aka The Mystery Girls and Watson
  • The way the books are set out, the narration, the detective log, etc
  • The mysteries themselves
  • Of course the illustrations
  • That there is no set order, I started on book 6 and have been reading them completely randomly
  • All the characters you meet
  • That as soon as you finish one you want to have the next book…

Books read so far:20790930
the Ghostly Guinea Pig
a Kitty Calamity
the Mystery of the Cursed Poodle
… the Disappearance of Diana Dumpling

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