El Deafo by Cece Bell

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Genre: Graphic Novel / Memoir

Synopsis: Starting at a new school is scary, even more so with a giant hearing aid strapped to your chest! At her old school, everyone in Cece’s class was deaf. Here she is different. She is sure the kids are staring at the Phonic Ear, the powerful aid that will help her hear her teacher. Too bad it also seems certain to repel potential friends.

Then Cece makes a startling discovery. With the Phonic Ear she can hear her teacher not just in the classroom, but anywhere her teacher is in school–in the hallway…in the teacher’s lounge…in the bathroom! This is power. Maybe even superpower! Cece is on her way to becoming El Deafo, Listener for All. But the funny thing about being a superhero is that it’s just another way of feeling different… and lonely. Can Cece channel her powers into finding the thing she wants most, a true friend?

This funny perceptive graphic novel memoir about growing up hearing impaired is also an unforgettable book about growing up, and all the super and super embarrassing moments along the way.

200words (or less) review: El Deafo is the memoir of Cece Bell, she narrates her story in the form of a graphic novel – which is beautifully drawn and colourful.

From the age of 4 (following an illness) Cece is deaf. El Deafo is her story of growing up dealing new schools, friendships and her sonic hearing aid. This book gives you an excellent insight into the emotions Cece went through. Learning lip-reading, the assumption that ‘louder’ means she’ll be able to hear the TV, radio or the person better. Most of all though that minefield of trying to find friends.

I read El Deafo in one sitting, loving each new page. For me there is no age on this book, I think it’s suitable (and educational) for everyone.

Recommend it?


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