Welcome to Diversity Month

Welcome wonderful people to Diversity Month on Luna’s Little Library.

There will be guest-posts by authors and bloggers as well as book reviews for a selection of diverse titles.

If you are looking for inspiration on books to read visit the Diverse Bookcase which has been updated with new shelves and books. I’m always looking for recommendations so don’t hesitate to add yours.

I hope you enjoy this month and join in.

diversity month final

So the above what the short introduction, this is the long one. Have a seat and get a hot beverage (I would say tea but I won’t ban coffee). 😉

Diversity Month, just like the Diverse Bookcase started as one of instant ideas I get which became a set in stone thing, without me working out how going to do it but I wanted it to be…

So this is the first Diversity Month, I sincerely hope it won’t be the last one (not if I can help it). I want to thank all the wonderful people who are joining in and making this happen. I couldn’t do it without you.

I’ve spent weeks (not exaggerating) trying to think of how to write this post and I keep stumbling. Championing diversity in books means so much to me and I have so many emotions tied up in all of this.

While I don’t hide who I am on my blog there isn’t that much personal stuff about me on Luna’s Little Library. At least I think there isn’t. This blog is about books but the more I try and feature and review diverse books the more of me there will be.

Here goes;

Hi. I’m Luna and I obviously love books. I’m bi-lingual and was born in Germany where I lived until I was 13 before moving to the UK. I can draw, have no sense of rhythm and really like day-dreaming. I also have chronic daily headaches & migraines, which means that depending on my painkillers I’ll either be in pain every day or (when the painkiller cocktail works) a few times a week. I’m pretty tired most of the time and have very unpredictable concentration levels. A few years ago I was officially diagnosed with depression though I’d probably say that I’ve had it since my teens and am currently not on medication for it. I also get panic attacks. There are some other things but I’m in the process of figuring them out myself so let’s leave that for now. We’ve got plenty to be getting on with.


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Diverse Books have taught me much in the last few years which is both amazing and a little frightening. This is why need these books to be published and promoted.

I’m not sure I can remember enough of my parent’s views to tell you how much they influenced who I am today as they both died when I was young but some things stuck. Like my dad who was sick the whole time I knew him. Or that in Germany my classroom was a lot more multicultural. Being send for Konfirmationsunterricht (confirmation classes) so I could make up my own mind (I did, religion not so much my thing. I don’t think my parents were particularly religious either but they still gave me the option) the teacher in confirmation class was disabled. She was the first disabled person I met who wasn’t my father and she was inspirational.

In many ways I grew up naive. Diverse characters in books (the few there were) and media were frequently unrealistic representations. As a result there were things that I didn’t understand until much later. Yes I need educating but I’m happy to keep learning.

Not only to I seek my own representation in diverse books
but I seek knowledge and understanding of everybody else.
With each new book there is the opportunity for me to learn,
to grow and to appreciate another point of view.

Diversity Month is using the platform I have to try and highlight how important diverse books are. I sincerely hope that you find the guest posts, interviews and books reviews informative and engaging. If I get a few more diverse books into your hands then it will have worked.


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