The Willoughby Book Club – Subscription Box Review

A little while ago I was asked if I wanted to review a young adult subscription box from The Willoughby Book Club.

There was a little hesitation on my part, here’s why: The idea of having surprise books delivered to your door is great but when you are like me (basically books first, food shopping later) then well the chances of those books not already being in your house as somewhat slim. Plus I really love going into bookshops and browsing but I said yes and we’ll get to the prettiness in a moment 😉

Adam & Chloe (aka The Willoughby Book Worms)

The Willoughby Book Club was founded by Adam & Chloe Pollard in 2012. They offer a range of book subscription box gifts for a variety of ages. From picture books for babies and children, to books for young adultsfiction lovers, etc.
All available in 3, 6 or 12 month packages.

Willoughby Book Club also donate a book to Book Aid International for every ‘book a month’ order placed.



Adam and Chloe (aka The Willoughby Book Worms) asked me to tell them a little about my reading preferences. So because I’m really helpful (or really cruel, you decide) I sent them the link to my Goodreads account.

The packaging for a Willoughby Book Club delivery is sturdy so your books will arrive undamaged. The book was wrapped in tissue paper and string and there was some Willoughby Book Club swag included. Presentation-wise this was a treat to unwrap.

And the book?

Well it was a beautiful hardback in pristine condition. (I’m so super fuzzy about this so Adam and Chloe get an extra point just for that)

The best part? Not only was it a book that I didn’t own but actually I’d not heard of it (yes some of these YA books do exist) and reading the blurb it sounds like something I’d enjoy.

Thank you Willoughby Book Club. 😀

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