Alice in Wonderland with Anna Wilson / Bath Children’s Literature Festival


Come on an adventure to Wonderland! Follow the White Rabbit and discover what happens to Alice when she meets the Mad Hatter, the Queen of Hearts and the Cheshire Cat. Join children’s author Anna Wilson for an interactive storytelling event featuring fun games and activities.

Date 27-09-2015
Time 1:30 PM – 2:10 PM
Venue Bath Central Library
I received a free ticket for reviewing this event.


Down, down, down the rabbit hole went Alice and yes so did an enthralled audience with Anna Wilson as retold parts of Lewis Carroll’s much loved classic. Dressed as The Hatter, Anna entered the room running 2 days late being rightly incensed at being called ‘mad’. It’s really Alice that’s mad…

(Technically The Mad Hatter is a Disney creation, Lewis Carroll never called him ‘mad’ but I’m being overlay pedantic here and I doubt anyone in the audience cared a hoot about this. Anna Wilson as Hatter with ‘mad’ attached or not was excellent choice for this event.)

Together the children in the audience and Anna Wilson aka The Hatter fell down the rabbit hole, shrunk after drinking the potion, grew after eating the cake, and went swimming in an ocean of tears….

Utterly captivated the children meet a very high caterpillar (also Anna Wilson) and were introduced to the Cheshire Cat, who had a highly suspicious Yorkshire accent.

The retelling of Alice ends with the tea party and The Hatter explaining how Time and The Hatter are no longer friends. 😦

To end with Anna Wilson also read the Jabberwocky poem.

I adored the whole event and given the delightful laughter throughout I’d say so did the audience.

The Telegraph Bath Children’s Literature Festival runs from
Friday 25th September to Sunday 4th October.

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