Diversity Month on Luna’s Little Library

diversity month final

For the whole of November it’s Diversity Month on Luna’s Little Library.

Much of this is still in the planning process as the moment, basically I’m throwing all the ideas I can come up with in a big hat and hopefully at the end of it there will be a month of wonderfulness. ♥

Some truly lovely people have already agreed to be part of this (you know who you are!) and to anyone else who’d like to help out please let me know.
(There is a contact form at the bottom of this post.)

I’ll continue to review books throughout November, all of which come from my Diverse Bookcase.

BUT on top of that I want to talk gender diversity, LGBTQIA, people with disabilities, people of colour and religion and much more.

Hopefully they’ll be interviews, discussions

Reading recommendations from people in the know – this in particular if something I’m excited about. There are certain subjects I feel I can comment on, like for example recommending books dealing with depression and anxiety, but while I can say I loved books dealing with LGBTQIA themes I feel that somebody from that community could/would have a different view on what is a good book recommendation to represent LGBTQIA.

There are other ideas and I’m pretty sure I’ve missed areas of representation (apologies) but the great thing about this Diversity Month is that it’s all about learning. 😀

I’m going to try my best to include as much as possible and all help and suggestions are very welcome.


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One thought on “Diversity Month on Luna’s Little Library

  1. I definitely don’t read enough books that are diverse. I’ll be looking forward to this so I can learn more too 🙂 I would love to help out, but I’m not really sure what I could contribute, since I’m not really a diverse reader. But if I think of anything I’ll definitely come back here!

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