The Tulip Touch by Anne Fine

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Genre: Contemporary / Horror (?)

Synopsis: Nobody wants to be around Tulip, but her outlandish behaviour doesn’t matter to Natalie. Natalie finds Tulip exciting, and at first she doesn’t care that other people are so upset and unnerved by Tulip’s bizarre games, like Stinking Mackerel and Road of Bones. But as the games become increasingly wild and sinister, Natalie realizes that Tulip is going too far. Much too far.

And deep inside, Natalie knows that Tulip won’t rest until she’s won the most dangerous game of all.

200words (or less) review: Given that this book isn’t even 200 pages long I did not expect for Anne’s Fine to pull me into this story so completely. To be so enraged by what happens and for there to be so many where I wished I do something. Truthfully I did not expect to care so much.

The Tulip Touch is narrated by Natalie and takes place over a few years, it tells the story of her friendship with another girl – Tulip. On the cover of my book the phrase “no one is born evil” is repeated over and other and the question of whether or not Tulip is evil is what this book is about.

Unlike Natalie she has no loving home environment. Tulip gets punishment regardless how she behaves. So why does it matter what she does? It’s the grown-ups that infuriated me so much, their double-standards. Tulip is deemed pitiful but she is not worth rescuing. Why not?

In the end I think readers will be pulled into Tulip’s world of games just as Natalie was. Different reasons, depending on who is turning the pages, some for the thrill and others for wanting to find out what happens to Tulip.

Recommend it?


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