The Diaries of Bluebell Gadsby by Natasha Farrant – New Look

All About Pumpkin, the third book in Natasha Farrant’s wonderful Gadsby Series got published this month and Faber & Faber re-issued the previous two books, After Iris & Flora in Love with matching covers.

I love them.

20150912_112200They stand out – vivid, with coloured pages (I adore coloured pages) and lined up where kinda hard to miss.

Which is ideal because I’d want as many people as possible to pick these books up, the inside is amazing. ♥


Though I will say, After Iris’s first cover – I liked it. I guess from a purely visual perspective, you put the two next to each other, then it doesn’t stand out as much….

Original cover on left...

Original cover on left…


20150912_111111That saying of “don’t judge a book by its cover” – I want to say it’s true but I’ll admit that pretty covers influence me all the time. I know, I know… bad Luna. I don’t remember seeing After Iris in shops. I read it because StorytellersInc put it in my Christmas Box.

I loved After Iris, as I’ve loved all the Gadsby Series but I think the new design will probably make more people notice the books and pick the them up, which can only be a good thing because they are so brilliant.

You can read all my reviews here:
After Iris #1
Flora in Love #2
All About Pumpkin #3


Also the fact that I’m quoted in Flora in Love & All About Pumpkin…
Well I’m still dancing about it. 😀


Big thank you to Faber & Faber for sending these to me!

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One thought on “The Diaries of Bluebell Gadsby by Natasha Farrant – New Look

  1. Oooooh very pretty covers! I’ve only read the first of these books, but I really enjoyed it. I must say I agree with you though, I really like the original cover of After Iris.

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