All About Pumpkin (The Diaries of Bluebell Gadsby #3) by Natasha Farrant

24321595How did I get the book? Received from publisher in exchange for an honest review

Genre: Contemporary

Previously reviewed:
After Iris #1
Flora in Love #2

Synopsis: It’s the summer holidays and Flora has gone off with Dad to the exotic set of his new film and Mum is at home having a much-needed rest with baby Pumpkin. Bluebell, Twig and Jas have been sent to stay with Grandma at Horsehill in the countryside.

With Grandma keen that the children get as much fresh air as possible, they are sent off on bikes to go wild swimming and befriend the boys next door. With so much freedom, they can’t help but get into trouble, and Grandma doesn’t seem to be as capable as looking after them as she should be…

200words (or less) review: Welcome back to the Gadsby Family. After the first few pages you’ll feel like you never left them. By the time Jas and Twig are arguing it’ll be all back to normal, well Gadsby Family normal, and that warm fuzzy feeling you have reading this series is in full swing.

Bluebell continues to narrate with video transcripts and in her diary. In All About Pumkin Blue’s 14 and with Flora abroad with their dad, this makes Blue the eldest. Her, Jas and Twig have been sent to their grandmother to stay.

All About Pumpkin took me on a journey through happiness, sweet nostalgia (there is something very lovely about the adventures Blue and her siblings have, swimming, horse-riding, etc.) concern, hilarity and hope. I thought this story was a little more serious in some ways than the previous books, though of course there were some truly ‘Gadsby moments’ to keep you smiling.

I love how much Natasha Farrant has made me care about this fictional family (though admittedly the parents less since reading Pumpkin) and I hope there are more books to come, because the Gadsby Series just keeps getting better.

Recommend it?

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