Serenata Flowers Review


I love flowers.

I rarely get flowers, actually I can count on one hand the number of occasions I’ve received any. So when Serenata Flowers contacted me to ask if I wanted to review a bouquet I agreed.

I was asked to pick a selection of arrangements I liked and they would then surprise me. All my choices had a blue/purple theme and the flowers that arrived were ‘Blue Dendrobium’. Dyed, pigmented electric blue galaxy Dendrobium orchids. – This was my favourite of the ones I picked out.
(I might have strongly hinted. 😉 )

The flowers arrived were delivered while I was at work (fortunately my landlord was in to take delivery), this was not a problem as the flowers where kept fresh their own water supply.

Serenata Flowers also sent me Chocolate Pizza. I’m quite a fussy chocolate person but the milk chocolate base for this is delicious. The sheer size of the pizza though will keep me in chocolate for a while though…

Now for the flowers though:


I’m so pleased with these. I think they look stunning and the colours are so vivid.

Personally I’ve not ordered flowers online before, though I’ve had plenty of other online orders of awry. But one of the rare occasions that I did receive flowers was an online order a couple of years ago. They arrived ok but they weren’t nearly as lovely as these.



You can win £40 worth of vouchers for Serenata Flowers by clicking on the link HERE

Giveaway ends 20th September 2015

Good luck! 🙂

Congrats Lauren James

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