Review: The Full Monty



Saw it: 14 September 2015
Where: Grand Theatre, Blackpool
Cast: 5 stars
Show: 5 stars
Overall: 5 stars


In 1997, a British film about six out of work Sheffield steelworkers with nothing to lose, took the world by storm!

Now, they’re back and this time they really have to go The Full Monty… live on stage.

Simon Beaufoy, the Oscar winning writer of the film, has gone all the way with this hilarious and heartfelt adaptation that’s getting standing ovations every night.

After witnessing the hysteria created by visiting strippers The Chippendales, unemployed Sheffield steelworker Gaz hatches a plan to make his fortune. Along with pal Dave, he forms a strip act made up of a mixed bunch including depressed security guard Lomper and their former foreman, Gerald a ballroom dancer and now also unemployed, who they persuade to choreograph the group. Once they have practiced their routine they set out to reclaim their dignity by going ‘the full monty’ in their act.



Highly recommend The Full Monty to anyone. It’s the best night out I’ve had in ages. My sides were hurting so much from laughing.

If you know the film I don’t have to explain this but if you don’t:
Yes there is stripping, not that is not the point of the play.

I mean it’s the plot, but Gaz (Gary Lucy) comes up with the idea so he can pay the money he owes his ex, so he can see his son. The rest of the ‘troupe’ are a group of men who are either also unemployed and trying to deal with the financial and emotional struggles this brings. Or you have Lomper who is isolated, depressed and suicidal.

This sounds very grim but in my play program there was an interview with Simon Beaufoy (writer) in which he sums The Full Monty up
“…you make a bloody good joke and that’s how you cope”.

So here are the important things to note about The Full Monty

  • It’s hilarious
  • also it’s clever
  • very British
  • the whole cast is brilliant

Like seriously brilliant. I said my sides were hurting but the people I went with and everyone sitting around us was laughing just as much.

The stage adaptation has lost nothing of what made the film such a success.
It’s still as deliciously funny, heart-warming and entertaining.

The Full Monty is at THE GRAND, Blackpool until the 19th September 2015

For the rest of the tour schedule click on this link HERE

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