Boywatching by Chloe Bennet

25236094How did I get the book? Received from publisher in exchange for an honest review

Genre: Genre: Contemporary

Synopsis: The annual joint school dance (aka the Snog Fest) is looming, and Chloe and her three best friends are determined not to repeat last year’s disaster, which led to Year 9’s top Mean Girl, Maggie, humiliating them online as a pack of sad losers. First they need to figure out just what’s going with the utterly incomprehensible yet strangely attractive St Thomas’s boys – and so the science of BoyWatching is born…

200words (or less) review: Boywatching is a kind of light-hearted escape read, it’s entertaining and had some laugh aloud moments (like what not to order in a café) – in short it’s fun.

But it’s not a short book. And therein lies my problem, yes I enjoyed Boywatching but I think I would have probably enjoyed it more if it didn’t feel so long. It’s nearly 400 pages and if I’m brutal I don’t think it needs to be, because not that much happens in the story. This book is about the day to day existence of Chloe and her friends, their boywatching experiment. It’s fine. I was happy to read about their exploits but maybe not for quite so many pages.

If you connect with Chloe and her narration I think you’ll probably be less fussed about the length of the book and just enjoy yourself. As protagonists go I didn’t mind her but she wasn’t my favourite character in the book. I still would recommend Boywatching because I did enjoy it, it just drags (in my opinion) towards the middle but the end is nice.*

Recommend it?

Overall yes.

*There is a sequel but I’m waiting on finding out the page count before I decide if I want to read it.

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