Luna’s Picks #2 – The Secret Hen House Theatre by Helen Peters

There are books I want to recommend but I’ve not reviewed, either because these were before my blogging days or sometimes I had other commitments. Luna’s Picks is a chance to highlight these.

The Secret Hen House Theatre by Helen Peters


The Secret Hen House Theatre Since her mother’s death, Hannah’s family life has been chaotic. Her father works all day on their farm, and the four children are left to themselves. One day Hannah finds an old hen house and decides to turn it into a secret theatre. But when the farm is threatened Hannah hatches a bold plan to save it. But what will happen when her dad finds out?

Reasons why I love this book:

  • As the title says, there is a secret Theatre is a hen house!
  • The protagonist is called Hannah (hey I’m biased)
  • Helen Peter’s writes with warmth and humour
  • There is a great friendship in this book, plus plenty of family drama
  • Have I mentioned the humour yet?
  • The Secret Hen House Theatre has a sequel!

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