A Midsummer Mystery hosted by StorystellersInc

Davinia Carruthers-Henley’s famous crime novels about Major Angus McGonigle are coming to an end. The final manuscript was locked in a box in her study and it has been stolen!

Ms Carruthers-Henley’s trusted Butler Mr Dodd has been with her for 40 years, they both believe it can only have been one of the 5 mystery writers that came to visit her, but which one? Inspector Wilkins is on hand to figure it out.

For Independent Bookshops Week StorystellersInc hosted a little literary festival with these amazing suspects authors:


Katherine Woodfine
Thinks Afternoon Tea in Harrods is “research”

Kate Pankhurst
Travels with a Ghostly Guinea Pig, Scary Hair and a Pampered Poodle

Robin Stevens
Finds British people strange…

Elen Caldecott
Collects people in a filing cabinets in her study

Helen Moss
Wanted to be a Unicorn when she grew up


Luna’s Little Library was on hand to live-tweet the whole event…
View the story “#AMidsummerMystery hosted by @storytellersinc #IBW2015 on Storify

So who stole the manuscript of Major Angus McGonigle’s last mystery?

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