I’m with Cupid (Heart and Souls #1) by Anna Staniszewski

9781492615460-PRHow did I get the book? Netgalley, thank you Sourcebooks Jabberwocky

Genre: Paranormal

Previously reviewed:
My Very UnFairy Tale Life #1–3

Synopsis: Marcus is a Cupid. Lena is a Reaper. Opposites attract in the exciting new Switched At First Kiss series by the acclaimed author of The Dirt Diary.

When she’s dared to kiss the adorkable Marcus Torelli at a party, Lena thinks it’s the perfect opportunity to cross First Kiss off her list of “Things to Accomplish Before I Turn Fourteen.”

It’s only when she gets sent on an assignment the next day that she realizes something went horribly wrong. That ZING she felt wasn’t the thrill of her first kiss–she and Marcus have swapped powers! Lena is not your average eighth grader; she’s a soul collector with a serious job to do. And Marcus turns out to be a supernatural matchmaker (like Cupid, but without the diaper).

Now logical Lena finds herself with the love touch, and sweet, sentimental Marcus has death at his fingertips. The truth is that Lena should never have taken that dare…because one little kiss has Lena and Marcus in a whole lotta trouble.

200words (or less) review: Just as the previous books I’ve read by Anna Staniszewski, I’m with Cupid was a fun story I read in one sitting. Lena and Marcus are both really likeable characters and the book begins with the party that set’s them up for the kiss.

Flashback to the morning before and we learn a bit about each of them in their roles as they should be, Marcus as matchmaker and Lena as soul collector. They were chosen for a reason, Lena believes in science not magic. Death follows a logical cause, whereas love doesn’t. Marcus on the other hand believes in that spark.

Once they’re powers are revered the two are stuck together, something Marcus seems more happy with than Lena. Both characters change over the course of the story. They learn to appreciate the others skill.

I’m with Cupid is a good read, looking forward to the next in the series.

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Expected publication:
July 7th 2015 by Sourcebooks Jabberwocky

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