Update & Introducing New Features

At the beginning of the year I wrote about being forced to change the way I blog because of health reasons. I won’t bore you with the details again but you can read the post by clicking on the link HERE if you want.

Truth be told despite my intentions of taking a step back I still ended up averaging 4+ posts a week. Yes my reading has come and gone in waves, a little while back for example I had a 3-week stint of flying through books (which was wonderful) but right now I’m really struggling.

Mostly I’ve continued to balance everything with other commitments and work.

I love what I do so cutting down is hard because BOOKS ♥ ♥ ♥


There’s stuff going on at the moment, so for June I’ll be doing some different book-related posts (there will still be some reviews just not as many as I want). This should help in getting back on track for July. I’m also interested to see if these ‘feature posts’ work to be more permanent features on my blog.


Luna’s Picks

lunaspicksI recommend a load of books to ChrissiReads last year as part of Luna’s Picks with a pretty impressive success rate so I’m hoping to repeat that as general recommendations for everyone. This will also give me that chance to highlight books I love but haven’t reviewed on Luna’s Little Library.


In the Spotlight

spotlightSo many books and such little time to read them all. I’ll be using this feature to shine a little spotlight on books I’m excited about but sadly haven’t had the chance to read, yet.


I hope you enjoy these,

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