My Faire Lady by Laura Wettersten

17375024How did I get the book?
Christmas Present

Genre: Contemporary

Synopsis: Rowena Duncan is a thoroughly modern girl with big plans for her summer—until she catches her boyfriend making out with another girl. Heartbroken, she applies to an out-of-town job posting and finds herself somewhere she never expected: the Renaissance Faire.

As a face-painter doubling as a serving wench, Ro is thrown headfirst into a vibrant community of artists and performers. She feels like a fish out of water until Will, a quick-witted whip cracker, takes her under his wing. Then there’s Christian, a blue-eyed stunt jouster who makes Ro weak in the knees. Soon, it’s not just her gown that’s tripping her up.

Trading in the internet and electricity for stars and campfires was supposed to make life simpler, but Ro is finding that love is the ultimate complication. Can she let the past make way for her future?

200words (or less) review: This book is definitely going into my favourite bookish-present collection. I was so happy when I got a copy. I ended up reading it in one sitting, staying up well past midnight.

Rowena is likable without being irritatingly perfect, her character has growth in this story and the book is FUN!

Characters, setting and entertaining storytelling all pulled together with good writing. It’s all balanced so well, yes it’s cute but you’re not overdosing on the sugar. Rowena’s summer is perfectly believable, it’s also rather awesome. I’ve never been to a Ranaissance Faire but they sound exciting.

Laura Wettersten has created the ideal fun and charming escape package with My Faire Lady. Enjoy! 😀

Recommend it?


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