Julius Zebra: Rumble With The Romans by Gary Northfield

24920689How did I get the book?
I bought it.

Genre: Historical Adventure

Synopsis: From a smelly watering hole deep in the heart of the Serengeti to the ferocious clamour of the Colosseum, join Julius Zebra and his motley menagerie of friends as they gear up to be… GLADIATORS!

Only if they win the love of the Roman crowds will they win back their freedom. But do Julius and his pals have what it takes to succeed in a world where only the meanest and toughest survive?

200words (or less) review: I saw Julius Zebra: Rumble With The Romans on the shelf and couldn’t resist. It called to me: “Buy me! Buy me! I’ll make you happy! BUY ME!” so obviously I obeyed. Because you should never argue with books, especially the stripy kind.

Gary Northfield’s book ‘rumbled’ (like I wasn’t going to use that!) past my massive TBR-pile like a speedy Debra Zebra – I started reading it the day I bought it. That’s pretty rare at this point but I just didn’t want to wait. It was the right decision.

Adored the story and characters, particularly Cornelius the Warthog and of course Julius. The comics are integral to the story, not to mention brilliant. The whole book is entertaining, I was giggling for most of it.

If you need something to make you laugh Julius Zebra: Rumble With The Romans is it – I don’t care what age you supposedly are it works for everyone. Just remember Zebra’s don’t just eat grass and they most certainly aren’t horses!

Recommend it?


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