Blogger Event: Hot Key Books & Piccadilly

Last Saturday travelled down to London for a Blogger Brunch hosted by Hot Key Books & Piccadilly. They haven’t had one for a while and it’s Hot Key Books (!!!) so you know there is no way I was going to miss it.


Look at that lovely table…

There are so many books to talk about so you might want to grab a cuppa and get comfy.

For a change I’m going to start with books the lovely peeps from Hot Key & Piccadilly told us about and then tell you about the shiny ones that got introduced by the authors themselves after. Just to mix it up. 😉

So there were a lot of books because it’s basically most the YA their putting out in 2015, I’ve picked out my favourites;

As Black As Ebony by Salla Simukka, this is the last in the trilogy. I loved the first book As Red As Blood and have the second ready to read. I’m half-tempted to wait until August when book 3 is out so I can read both together. I just adore Lumikki so much and the style of the books. If you haven’t read any do give As Red As Blood a go.

Next up is Cloud 9 by Alex Campbell. Her debut (Land) was one my favourite books last year and this sounds amazing. It’s a futuristic-political thriller (think that’s a decent description) and I’m not giving anymore away but let’s just say I’ll be dropping everything the minute I get my hands on this.

Hot Key is also publishing to titles by Keris Stainton (who I love), one is MG called “Lily and the Christmas Wish” (I hope I heard that right) and the YA book is Counting Stars. I already know these will be great, I mean it’s Keris so I’m really excited about both.

Some of the other books that stood out were: How To Be Bad, Paper Weight, Black Cairn Point (rather intrigued by this one plus Claire McFall), Trouble is a Friend of Mine and Monsters by Emerald Fennell which sounds brilliantly disturbing.

When I Was Me by Hilary Freeman, These Shallow Graves by Jennifer Donnelly and Anything That Isn’t This by Chris Priestley are the final ones I want to highlight. These are all authors I’ve read and liked so I’m pretty excited.


Right it’s time for the “author books”. So on the day we had James Dawson, Lydia Syson, Jess Vallance, Hayley Long, Julie Mayhew and Laura Dockrill there to talk about their upcoming titles.

James Dawson

James Dawson

James Dawson was first. He told us about his contemporary romance (yes you read that right) called All of the Above. We got treated to a little sample and James told us how he wrote the first draft during Nanowrimo, an experience he does not plan to repeat. It’s no secret that I am a James Dawson fan (my brilliant plan of speaking full sentences failed yet again *sigh*) so yes I will be eagerly anticipating All of the Above, that said it is different so I’m not assuming I’ll just love it. Ok I’m assuming it a little because it’s still the same person writing it…

Next up was Lydia Syson who told us about Liberty’s Fire. Set in Paris in 1871 it follows four people during a revolution. It sounded so interesting when Lydia was talking about it, historical fiction is a bit hit and miss for me but I do want to read this and hopefully quite soon.


Then we meet Jess Vallance who introduced her debut Birdy. The book is kind of hard to explain without given too much away and I was talking to Jess about it later when the phrase ‘toxic friendship’ came up. She quite liked that. Which lead to me accepting the challenge of coming up with a tagline once I read the book, which I did – that Sunday (really enjoyed it btw.) Here it is:


Being A Girl and Sophie Someone were the two books Hayley Long was there to talk about. She was epic btw. I can’t wait to read Being A Girl – it’ll be educational and hysterical. I loved Hayley’s enthusiasm for both books and Sophie Someone sounds like a treasure so I know I’ll be reading it but I have problems with dialects in books (don’t get me started on things like old English or Shakespeare) so I’m worried that the new language she invented will be a barrier. I struggled when Hayley was reading and felt like a right idiot for it. 😦

lieJulie Mayhew told us about The Big Lie, which is a toughy for me. Don’t worry there was a lengthy and interesting discussion about this with Julie afterwards.

The premise is what if the Nazi’s won. What would it be like to be a girl now in Nazi England? I do really want to read this because I think it’ll be fascinating and I loved Julie’s first book so I’ll let you know how this turns out.

Moving on…


A Mermaid, hunky pirates and rough Sirens, Laura Dockrill introduced Lorali with style. I have a thing for mermaids so I’m happy. 😉

After all the hearing about titled we mingled, chatted with the authors, enjoyed the yummy food and swooned over books.


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