The Three Pickled Herrings (Wings & Co #2) by Sally Gardner

16166128How did I get the book? Received from publisher in exchange for an honest review

Genre: Fantasy / Mystery

Previously reviewed: Maggot Moon
Operation Bunny (Wings & Co #1)

Synopsis: At the Wings & Co. Fairy Detective Agency, Emily Vole and her friends are beginning to worry. It’s five months since their official opening and they still haven’t had one case.

Then local landowner Sir Walter Cross dies suddenly and mysteriously. The detectives suspect fairy meddling. And when Mr Rollo the tailor mysteriously loses everything and Pan Smith’s wedding plans are ruined the night before her big day, they’re convinced there must be magic at play. Now they have not one, but three pickled herrings to deal with! Can they solve the mystery of who is stealing people’s luck before the meddling fairy goes too far?

200words (or less) review: After falling head over heels in love with the first book in the series I couldn’t wait to get started on The Three Pickled Herrings. Like Emily I do miss the charming Miss String and I was happy that she wasn’t forgotten by the characters.

This book is the first mystery, or rather it’s three mysteries that might or might not be related. Look I’ll keep using words like ‘love’ ‘adore’ & ‘wonderful’ when it comes to these books so you might as well get you to it.

Living at Wings & Co. Fairy Detective Agency (which has the best library btw) isn’t quite turning out as Emily expected, her and Buster aren’t getting along. I actually appreciate this storyline – because instant friends don’t always happen and you can respect each other’s skills regardless. Also while Emily is certainly smart she doesn’t know everything so Fidget, Buster and Emily working together benefits them all.

The Three Pickled Herrings is a great sequel, the writing and language (particular Fidget’s fish-focused vocabulary) is perfection. I loved the way everything came together. Bring on book 3.

Recommend it?


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